These screen shots will give you an overview of the User Interface and the main functions of Keno Expert USA and Keno Expert USA For Casinos.

Possibility of showing any draw of your Keno since its creation with a selection either by date or by the number of a draw.
Free pick of numbers from the selection grid (up to 80 numbers) allowing to
visualize the drawn numbers according to the draw
LIVE UPDATE of the draws database from Internet and actualization of the statistics in real time !
Manual update of the draws
It's possible to visualize the common numbers between two successive draws thanks to the button "Commons"; this is optional
Display of statistics proper to a number on the grid (and this according to the draw and the date)

Results Normal Mode


Selection of games to be checked (personal games as tickets)
Quick pick of combinations (from 1 to 10 numbers)
Possibility to save your own ticket to verify it later

Results Select Mode

Checking of the games for any draw with an immediate preview of the profits
Complete checking of the profits and storage of those in a file

Results Consult Mode

Immediate visualization of the complete statistics of the numbers (Table including: Distance | Last drawn date| Ratio | Chain | ChainMax | Distance | DistanceMax) Table Sorted according to the selected column
These statistics are flexible (i.e. that you can select your interval of study and choose only draws of the month in progress for example...)


The same functionality existing for the "Numbers tab" is present this time for the combinations with display of a dynamic table of statistics (according to reports, ex: two lines for a combination with 3 numbers since this one is gaining to 2/3 and 3/3). Display is immediate
These statistics are also flexible
CALCULATION OF COMBINATIONS THE MORE OR LESS DRAWN SINCE THE CREATION OF THE GAME (going from 1 to 10 numbers with a display of the lower and upper limits). Of course, those combinations can be selected for the analysis (stats)
Storage of the calculated combinations and very fast daily calculation for update

Without calculation options

It's possible to select your favorite numbers in order to restrict the choice of the combinations
Moreover, you can choose your limits for calculation (ex: lower limit=0 and upper limit=0, that will give the combinations never drawn of your Keno)
Calculation options are existing for the sort of combinations found according to precise criteria. It allows to accentuate in a very fast way the games that could be drawn
Advanced function: Possibility to choose the calculation interval the same way as for the numbers

With calculation options

Flexible analyses (choice of an interval)
Analyses "Web" style with hypertext links
2 styles of screen
Possibility to print analyses
Possibility to save in a text format or html


For the visual ones, a fast way to locate numbers according to draws and possibility of animation since the beginning of the game
Choice between 2D and 3D

Statistical Charts

Pointing chart for people with a strong visual sense
Allows once again to see very
quickly series and chains of numbers in 3D 

Charts of pointing

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