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Here are interrogations of users and
technical problems
frequently met



The answers are developed below

File LOTOEXCL.EXE is linked to a missing export KERNEL32.DLL:lsProcessorFeaturePresent

The software garbles the text throughout the computer at startup

The software doesn't respond intermittently

For European users, how to display the prizes in old currency ?

How to consult prizes for my saved combinations ?

How to save combinations lists ?

Procedure to export combinations lists under Excel

Error messages related to "VCL40.BPL" file

Error message at startup : "Successful WSAStartup not yet performed"

Error message like : "01/18/1996 is not a valid date"

Error message at startup : "Date exceeds maximum of 02/24/2002"


LOTOEXCL.EXE is linked to a missing export KERNEL32.DLL

The version you have is too old.
You have to download the latest version to correct this problem.





The software garbles the text throughout the computer at startup The version you have is too old.
You have to download the latest version to correct this problem.



The software doesn't respond intermittently If the software doesn't respond, it's certainly that your computer doesn't support the Internet autodetection of Loto Excel Universal (it's the offline or online indicator).

You just have to edit (
with notepad for example) your file "LotoeXcl.ini" and then to make these changes :

NetDetect=1 (before)

NetDetect=0 (after)

(replace NetDetect variable 1 by 0, that will deactivate the Internet autodetection )

The only difference is that the software will ask you if you are connected to the Internet before making an update.
(instead of detecting it by itself)



For European users, how to display the prizes in old currency ? You just have to fly over amounts displayed in Euros to obtain a visible conversion into old currency in the tasks bar and in a Helpballoon.
If you wish to change the convertion rate (for conversions in other European currencies for example), you have to update the "LotoeXcl.ini" file with the desired convertion rate and all the amounts will be calculated according to this new rate.



How to consult prizes for my saved combinations ? Concerning the "Lists Manipulation", it's a feature which allows you to move the calculated list in the "Combinations according to the limits" mode. And then have the possibility of saving it once copied in one of the buffer lists. With this method you do not lose the calculations that you estimate to be the most interesting. (besides, you will be able to print the lists by exporting them to softwares like Excel)

So here is a good example to consult the prizes of your saved combinations (with buffer lists)

-At first, you open naturally your list with one of the 3 buffer lists. 
-You copy your buffer list in the main list (that should be empty). 
-You return to the "more or less drawn combinations" mode and in this mode you choose the draws interval that you want to consult the prizes. ( For example the last 10 draws). 
-The software is going to ask you if you wish to adapt the list in memory for the new current interval, answer YES at this question. 
-Once the list is adapted, go to the " Combinations according to the limits " mode, then click on the "Rows" button if it's visible in order to allow a detailed sort in depth.
(Do not forget to save your buffer lists with all the prize rows stored to have then this detailed sort). 

So you can consult the recent prizes of your saved combinations and know immediatly the one that would have the most won money or the less won. 



How to save combinations
Very simple, once you have calculated a list in the "Combinations according to the limits" mode, go to the "Lists manipulation" mode.
To make all the manipulations, you just have to use the right click
of your mouse on the lists to make appear a popup menu.
So, if for example you wish to save the main list, you have to click on the right click of the mouse above it, and then click on "Select all".
This in order to copy all the combinations of the current list.
Then click again with the right click on the list to see the number
of the selected combinations.
Then click on (for example) "Copy to List I" and all the selected combinations are going to be copied in the buffer list I.
Once this buffer list is filled up, you can at any time save it by clicking simply on "Save List I".
It is here that will be created the files *.lst which you will be able to then export to Excel.



Procedure to export combinations lists under Excel

So, you already know that you can use the "Lists Manipulation" mode to copy or to move all or a part of the main list towards the buffer lists...
Also, this copy is 100 % the same, that means that the list will be copied such as you created it (according to calculation interval, with the current sort, with the rows you chose to see).

The point where it becomes really very interesting, it's that the compression algorithm that is used to create lists *.lst is understandable by known utilities as WinZip...
Thus your combinations lists that has the extension *.lst (saved 
in the directory "Lists" of Loto Excel Universal), can be unzipped in order to study them in detail with the help of others softwares such as Excel first of all!

To extract the lists files from the format *.lst, you just have to
click with the right click on any list file, for example "Example1.lst". A menu then appears, it is necessary to click on the option "Open with" and to choose your unzipping utility (WinZip for example).

Do not forget to check the "Always use this program to open this kind of file" option.
At the moment by double clicking at any saved list file *.lst, you will execute your zipping utility and so have access to the zipped file contents!!
The unzipped files have the extension *.tmp (in the *.lst)
You just have to extract these files in the directory of your choice to be able to use them later.
Once your *.tmp file has been saved on the hard disk, you can
edit it with Excel for example.

Procedure to edit the data of the "tmp" file under Excel :

1) Launch Excel
2) Open the tmp file which you extracted from your lst file with WinZip (for example).
3) In the assistant that Excel executes automatically,
choose the "Bounded" option (stage 1 on 3).
4) Always in the same assistant, in the stage 2 on 3, unckeck the 
"Tabulation" option, then check option "Space".
5) Click "Finished" in the stage 3 on 3.

The data file is at the moment available for consultation under Excel.
You can choose your sort and your own filters!!

Here is the meaning of the first 5 numbers of the line 1 :

example for the following line :
3238 6 2 1 3238

3238 = Total number of combinations
6 = 6 numbers combinations
2 = All rows stored (0=first prize row, 1=prize rows)
1 = Lower draw of the interval of study chosen by user
3238 = Upper draw of this interval of study

Then the combinations are stored according to the following format :

Rows stored in the ascending order + combination 
(with row = Drawn Distance DistanceMax Chain ChainMax)

Thus for a 6 numbers combination which the detail is the following 
under Excel :

1436 0 14 1 10 1363 1 13 0 6 389 18 44 0 4 43 86 337 0 2 4 241 1538 0 1 2 1167 1753 0 1 1 3127 3127 0 1 17 28 29 39 46 47

All the rows were stored, i.e. 0/6, 1/6, 2/6, 3/6, 4/6, 5/6 and 6/6

a row : 
Drawn Distance DistanceMax Chain ChainMax

0/6:Drawn=1436 Distance=0 DistanceMax=14 Chain=1 ChainMax=10
1/6:Drawn=1363 Distance=1 DistanceMax=13 Chain=0 ChainMax=6
:Drawn=389 Distance=18 DistanceMax=44 Chain=0 ChainMax=4
3/6:Drawn=43 Distance=86 DistanceMax=337 Chain=0 ChainMax=2
4/6:Drawn=4 Distance=241 DistanceMax=1538 Chain=0 ChainMax=1
5/6:Drawn=2 Distance=1167 DistanceMax=1753 Chain=0 ChainMax=1
6/6:Drawn=1 Distance=3127 DistanceMax=3127 Chain=0 ChainMax=1
Combination : 17 28 29 39 46 47

This example is applicable for any other type of list according to stored rows and numbers in combination.



Error messages related to "VCL40.BPL" file You certainly have an old version of "VCL40.BPL" file.

Open the System directory of Windows : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM
Your version of the VCL40.BPL file is in this directory.
Search the VCL40.BPL file and do a backup copy,
that you will place in a sure place
(you simply make a copy/paste of the file
once you have located it in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, and you place
a copy of the file in a temporary directory of your choice ).

Once the file copied in a sure place , you can remove this one from the repertory C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.
Once the old VCL40.BPL file has been moved, you just have to relaunch the Loto Excel Universal installation that you have download from the Web.
This installation will update you. After that, you can launch the software!



Error message at startup : "Successful WSAStartup not yet performed"  It means that the Microsoft protocol TCP/IP is not
or is badly installed on your system...

Proceed to the installation of this essential protocol for
a connection to the Internet network.
It is necessary to have the installation cd of Windows and
you have to choose network parameters in the control panel.
Then, add the Microsoft protocol TCP/IP and click "OK", 
once the installation is ended, you have to restart the computer.

You can now relaunch Loto Excel Universal !



Error message like : "01/18/1996 is not a valid date"

You have to modify Regional Settings from your Control Panel to take into account the long and short dates.

The regional settings control the default appearance such items as language accents, decimal places used in numbers, the default currency symbol, and so on. Access the regional settings in Control Panel.
To display the Control Panel, choose Start, Settings, Control Panel.
Alternately, click the My Computer icon on the desktop, and then click the Control Panel icon in the My Computer window.

To display the regional settings, click the Regional Settings icon in the
Control Panel window. The Regional Settings Properties dialog box opens, with its Regional Settings tab displayed by default.
(Note: If you don't initially see the Regional Settings icon, click the View All Control Panel Options link.)

You do not have anything to modify in the others tab than the "Date" tab. (Of course, you have to modify them only if they are 
different from those presented now to you).

Click the "Date" tab ...
It is necessary for you to choose the slash / as separator of date and size MM/dd/yyyy as style of short date (legend: d for day, M for month and y for year).
As style of long date, choose following size: dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy

These modifications are important for a good reading of statistics 
(with the day of the week in a date!).
On the other hand, you will avoid any error message like : 
"MM/dd/yyyy is not has valid date" when you will have to choose a date as the validation of ticket.



Error message at startup : "Date exceeds maximum of 02/24/2002"

The warning panel "date exceeds maximum of 02/24/2002" appears in the application startup. 

The software launches well but my mouse doesn't work and the permanent display of the startup image can't disappear.

It's an intern protection of the software due to your bad settings of the Windows calendar. 
To solve this problem, you have to set the calendar to the present date.

example : here to solve the problem that occured February 24 2003, we see that the year isn't the good one (2002 instead of 2003). You just have to choose the correct date, in this case 02/24/2003 (instead of 02/24/2002). To do this, you have to double click on Hour display permently present below to the right under  Windows. You will access to the "Properties of Date/Hour" and will be able to enter the correct date.


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